7-12th Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups (D-Groups!)
Discipleship Groups (D-Groups!)

Discipleship groups are groups of 4-8 teens, divided by gender, that meet on a regular basis with adult mentors who lead them in conversation about their faith and how we live it out. Groups are flexible, parent-partnered, Catholic, and “the next level.”

What are D-Groups?

D-Groups are FLEXIBLE.

Groups are encouraged to meet at times that work best for that specific group. While many parish programs are confined to a specific day and time, D-Groups can meet any day of the week (before, after, evenings!) and where they want.


In most programs, you drop your child off at the and pick them up a couple hours later with not a whole lot of information as to what they just did. Because D-Groups meet in homes, you have a chance to get to know the teens in your child’s group as well as their mentors. And when it comes to content, parents receive an email after every week with videos recapping the content of the discussion as well as the discussion questions to help you process with your teen. We are also encouraging parents to join their teen for our large group gatherings once a month on Wednesday evening.

D-Groups are CATHOLIC.

Everyone has questions about what the Catholic teaches and how faith relates to life. D-Groups provide an opportunity to ask those questions and get reliable answers from the heart of the . Solid catechetical content will be provided by YDisciple, a youth discipleship platform powered by NET Ministries and available to parents on Formed.org.

D-Groups are THE NEXT LEVEL.

D-Groups are for teens who desire to grow deeper in their faith, or simply desire that elusive “something more.” D-groups are open to those preparing for Confirmation and those that have already been Confirmed. This is accomplished through learning how to strengthen your prayer life, diving into sacred scripture, having adult mentors who have ‘been there,’ and peers who will walk with you.

Questions to consider before signing up with D-Groups!

Who would you like in your small group?
We encourage you to invite friends!
Is there an adult in the parish that you would like to encourage to be your mentor?

Where/How would you like to meet: Wadena, Bertha, Bluffton, or Zoom?
When would you like to meet?
Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons, before or after Mass, or some other time?